Gorgeous Arts & Crafts "Gorgeous" is located near to Man Mo Temple on famous Antiques Street Hollywood Road in Central, Hong Kong. The Gorgeous Gallery was founded by the couple "Michael & Jan Wong" in 1994. Before the establishment of the gallery, they were trading the Chinese folk antiques in Guangdong of China for many years. During the past trading history and experience, they acquire a lot of knowledge of Chinese antiques especially for folk custom and ancient culture arts and endeavors to collect various kinds of antiques from different regions of China.

If you come to the gallery, you cannot imagine the many wonderful pieces of brilliant Chinese folk art and custom antiques, waiting for you to explore, from the Ming (1368-1644 ad), Qing (1644-1911 ad) dynasties to late 1950's such as: - Antique silver earrings/necklaces/hairpins/pendants, wood/stone carving, statues, locks and bolts, picture frames, embroideries and tools, cosmetic boxes, hats, headbands, shoes, polychrome pockets, skirts, collars, table aprons, banners, jackets, lady's doudou etc and much more.......(for more items, please come to SHOWROOM).

Gorgeous is eager to share knowledge of the background, custom, symbolic and general use of antiques, what's more ……Gorgeous treat each customer as friend and welcome their inquires and exchange information. Gorgeous sincere wish the fine arts and antiques can give you an amazing insight into the Chinese culture, heritage, history, soul and living colours.

Customer's Comments: Michael and Jan make frequent trips to Jiangxi, Hunan, Shanxi, Hebe, Henan, Yunnan, Guangxi to obtain their distinctive artifacts. They then spend hours painstakingly cleaning and restoring each piece. Some are mounted in layered frames that have been cut to precisely echo the shape of the piece, but most are left so that the purchaser can request their own preferences in style, shape, and colour.

Any visitor to this treasure trove will tell you that the most unique features of Gorgeous Arts and Crafts are the owners themselves. They seem to derive as much pleasure from explaining the history, utility, and ornamentation of a piece of clothing, a craftsman's tool, or a piece of jewelry than from selling the item itself. Their knowledge of customs, folklore, and traditions of their homeland is extensive and they have a good collection of books to provide further reference for the most inquisitive minds.